ZAGO-Ecogreen Composter
Bio-Mix-Shredders with patented “Free Flow Mix” system

Essential for any composting operation

ZAGO ECOGREEN COMPOSTER shredders-mixers are designed to process solid organic materials in dry, humid and even muddy conditions, such as sewage sludge, livestock manure and industrial sludges.
The unique system allows simultaneous grinding and mixing of all kinds of green organic waste, food remains, sludge, branches and wood logs with diameters up to 30 cm.

Ecogreen Composter are available with hopper capacities from 7 to 30 m3.
Trailed and stationary versions are available with a choice of PTO, Diesel or Electric drive.

ZAGO patented “Free Flow Mix®” System

ZAGO Free Flow Mix

The proven and patented “Free Flow Mix” technology combines low speed grinding with simultaneous mixing through 4 robust horizontal rotors.
The perfect synergy between the lower crushing-mixing augers and the upper mixing augers provides the materials with a double dynamic horizontal and vertical flow, reducing processing times and eliminating stagnation points. The result is a homogeneous grinding and mixing of the organic fractions, ideal for composting or biogas substrates.

Ecogreen Bio-Mix-Shredder
Benefits and Advantages

ZAGO Green
  • Volume reduction of all kind of organic waste, wood scraps and more
  • Simultaneous grinding and mixing for reduced operation and handling times
  • Optimum crushing and shredding designed to accelerate microbial action thanks to a larger contact surface on the material
  • Perfect mixing and homogenization to enhance the compost process and reduce process time
  • Low-speed processing of rotors reduces hazards from flying particles
  • Reduced noise and dust emissions provide safety and comfort for the operator

Ecogreen Bio-Mix-Shredder
Suitable for many Inputs

ZAGO Ecogreen Bio-Mix-Shredder

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