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(*An expert is a person who has superior knowledge in a specific field.)


A wide range of technologies, machines and tools are available to meet the challenges of today’s Livestock Farming and Environmental Aspects.

It is often difficult to keep an overview of the huge product range, and make the right equipment choice. At this point, expert* advice is needed.

TopAgro Network


TopAgro network members are manufacturers with a focus on specific applications and machines. As professionals in their fields they have the konwledge to give expert advise to sales partners and end users.

TopAgro is the platform to share this knowledge and allows to take a close look at specific technologies and their applications.

Livestock Farming


The goal of today’s livestock industry is to produce high-quality beef and dairy products in a sustainable manner. Efficient feed production and preservation, animal welfare and environmental aspects are part of the business decisions and challenges that have a direct impact on the sustainability of the entire operation.

To comply with legal regulations, animal welfare ordinances, environmental standards and market requirements, livestock farms must constantly adapt to new circumstances. At this point, expert* advice is needed.



Environmentally friendly technologies are part of our everyday life and the agricultural value chain.

The use of organic waste and by-products to generate energy or as a fertilizer substitute makes agriculture more climate-friendly.

Organic waste treatment, such as fermentation to biogas or composting reduces greenhouse gases and generates soil conditioners and fertilizers.
Correct application of Environmental technologies and solutions can increase the economic return in the agricultural value chain. At this point, expert* advice is needed.