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ZAGO Green

Municipal Multitask Equipment for Organic Waste processing

Municipal Multitask Equipment – “Bio-Mix-Shredders” from ZAGO’s Green Division is MULTITASK-Equipment for collection, transportation, loading, unloading, processing of organic waste.

ZAGO Green

Bio-Mix-Shredders-A innovative Solution for Bio Waste Treatment

Bio-Mix-Shredders equipped with horizontal slow rotation (<30 RPM) auger systems are designed for a simultaneous mixing and shredding action of all biodegradable residues from wooden materials over park and garden waste to manure and sludges.

Bio Waste Treatment

The challenge of biodegradable waste treatment

The ZAGO Green Division has developed an innovative solution for the treatment of all biodegradable residues from wooden materials over park and garden waste to manure and sludges. ZAGO’s Bio Mix Shredders combine volume reduction, defibration and mixing of all ingredients in a single process step.


BIDUX-Double-knife mowing technology for ecological mowing

The BiduxX© dual blade system consists of oscillating upper and lower blade bars that create a scissor-like cut. The unique concept of reciprocating motion ensures vibration-free operation, no clogging and high mowing speed.

KRAUSE Komposttechnik

KRAUSE Komposttechnik-Tractor mounted Compost Turner KFS-Series

KFS Series, the professional approach to composting. 3-Point hitch mounted compost windrow turner. Ideal for compost plants with
with limited space, or for small budgets!

ZAGO Unifeed Duo Mix

ZAGO Unifeed – Horizontal “Duo Mix” System

ZAGO Unifeed “Duo Mix”-The Horizontal 2 Auger TMR mixing system guarantees efficient cutting and mixing for a homogeneous Totally Mixed Ration (TMR).

ZAGO-Ecogreen-4 Auger Bio-Mix-Shredders

ZAGO Ecogreen Composters-Essential for any composting operation. Bio-Mix-Shredders with patented slow rotation, 4 auger “Free Flow Mix” system.

ZAGO Unifeed TMR

ZAGO patented “Free Flow Mix®” system

The innovative FREE FLOW MIX® system, characterized by the exclusive action of the 2 + 2 augers, reduces significantly the processing time, ensures maximum uniformity of the feed ration.the mixture.

ZAGO Unifeed AVM

ZAGO Unifeed AVM-Vertical Tornado Mixing System

ZAGO’s AVM-Vertical “Tornado” Mixing System means the simplification of the cutting and mixing, while offering a significant reduction in feed compaction and the best Totally Mixed Ration.


ZAGO Green

ZAGO Green-Organic waste treatment solutions

ZAGO GREEN DIVISION manufactures solutions for organic waste treatment. Equipment for an ecological and efficient use of agricultural, municipal and industrial organic waste.

ZAGO Unifeed-First Choice in TMR Feed Mixer

ZAGO Unifeed Division designs and manufactures modern horizontal and vertical TMR (Total Mixed Ration) equipment, to increase overall efficiency in terms of milk and meat productivity.
Product range includes trailed, stationary & self-propelled TMR-Feed Mixer and Straw Blowers for animal welfare.


ZAGO-Superior Technology and Design made in Europe

ZAGO is specialized in the production of livestock feeding equipment with the Unifeed/TMR technique and machines for the Environment.

KRAUSE Komposttechnik

KRAUSE Komposttechnik-Environmental technology at its best

KRAUSE Komposttechnik is a brand specialized in the development and production of tractor trailed and self-propelled compost turners and offers a complete range of slow and fast running mobile shredders.

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