ZAGO Green
ZAGO Green Division

ZAGO Green Division

Organic Waste treatment solutions

A Division of ZAGO Srl
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ZAGO Green

ZAGO GREEN DIVISION designs and manufactures customizable technological solutions for waste treatment.
Equipment and plants for an ecological and efficient use of agricultural, municipal and industrial organic waste.

ZAGO Green Division-Product Range

ZAGO Green

The complete line includes mobile and stationary equipment designed and built for effective waste management, fully respecting the environment. The ZAGO Green equipment range includes Slow Speed Primary Crushers and Mix-Shredders, High Speed Shredders, Tractor Driven and Self-Propelled Compost Turners, Sorting Screens and auxiliary accessories.

ZAGO Ecogreen Composter

Innovative Low-Speed Mix-Shredder with patented “Free Flow Mix” System

ZAGO Ecogreen heavy-duty mix-shredders feature a slow rotating auger shredding and mixing system. The ECOGREEN COMPOSTER is designed to process whole plants of most crops, wood, pallets, waste wood, organic waste, compost, municipal and industrial sludge. Tree and branch diameters in the range 10-30 cm can be processed.
Simultaneous shredding and mixing of organic material, branches, waste wood, manure and sludge is the first step in an efficient organic waste treatment.
Homogeneous substrates for anaerobic fermentation in bio-gas plants can be prepared with these machines, too.
A homogeneous mixture of materials with the correct C/N ratio (carbon to nitrogen ratio) benefits the composting operation by reducing process time and minimizing leachate, odors and dust emissions.

ZAGO Green Solutions


Slow-Speed Mix-Shredder

ZAGO Green BioMixShredder
  • ZAGO Ecogreen Composter
    4 Auger “Free Flow Mix”
  • ZAGO Ecogreen EKO King
    4 Auger “Free Flow Mix”r
  • ZAGO Ecogreen EKO Sabre
    2 Auger “Duo Mix”

Compost Turner

Tractor-Compost Turner

KRAUSE Komposttechnik
    • Horizontal rotor
  • KRAUSE WR Series
    • Vertical rotor

Self-Propelled Compost Turner

KRAUSE Komposttechnik V-Series
  • KRAUSE V-Series
    • Rear Wheel Drive
    • Track Drive


ZAGO Green Screener

  • ZAGO Screener T-Series
    • Drum Screen
  • ZAGO Screener D-Series
    • Modular Disc Screen

Wood, Green & Mixed Waste Treatment


  • KRAUSE Diamant
    Slow-Speed Single Shaft Shredder
  • KRAUSE Quasar
    Slow-Speed Dual Shaft Shredder

High-Speed Shredder

  • KRAUSE Dominator A7000
    High-Speed Shredder
  • KRAUSE Dominator A9000
    High-Speed Shredder


ZAGO Screener-T
  • ZAGO Screener T-Series
    Drum Screen
ZAGO Screener D
  • ZAGO Screener D-Series
    • Modular Disc Screen

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