TopAgro FAQ

TopAgro Network – FAQ

What is the TopAgro Network?

TopAgro Network is an online presence of specialized equipment manufactures. The website provides a cost-effective way to make product information, application highlights, user testimonials and more available to the target audience. The combination of specialized application knowledge and product details makes TopAgro Network a unique source of qualified information for customers and the sales networks.
The integrated B2B platform facilitate the communication between network partners and their international sales networks.

What are TopAgro Network Topics?

The TopAgro network focuses on ruminant husbandry, forage cultivation, preservation, and feed preparation.
Environmental solutions for organic waste streams into Compost or Renewable Energies is another topic of the network.

What are the goals of the TopAgro network?

The purposes are to promote sustainable livestock operations and the use of organic residues in environmentally friendly applications.
The necessary knowledge of suitable techniques and equipment is made available to the target audience, through the network and its catalog section.

Who can join the TopAgro Network?

The TopAgro Network joins specialized equipment manufacturers with a complementary product range to propose complete solutions for livestock and environmental projects.
Invitations for membership will be sent only to selected manufacturers to create a complete product portfolio for the network topics.

How can TopAgro improve your marketing?

The synergy effect of related equipment offerings increases marketing impact and leads to improved sales inquiries. The combined expertise of the network members offers knowledge for equipment integrations in new or existing applications resulting in more leads.

What is TopAgro’s B2B platform?

The integrated private B2B platform is the ideal communication tool between connected manufacturers. Partner companies may share experience, knowledge or contacts with the network or individual members.
Moreover, each manufacturer or brand can integrate its own distribution network into a specific non-public group.
Public or private publications and private messaging within the network are possible.