ZAGO Green

Municipal Multitask Equipment for Organic Waste processing

ZAGO Green

Biowaste, food scraps, organic MSW fraction, park- & garden residues, roadside vegetation, and sludges from different industrial or municipal origins is the feedstock for composting, biogas production or combined processes. In these processes the organic waste materials are transformed into valuable outputs for energy production, soil improvement, fertilizer and more.

Multitask equipment is an economical solution for several tasks


The tasks of collection, transportation, loading, unloading, processing require a lot of different equipment to accomplish with these multiple operations. This is especially true when different input material characteristics are involved.
The development of multitask equipment can help to reduce the machine park and rate of equipment utilization.

MULTITASK-Equipment for collection, transportation, loading, unloading, processing…

ZAGO Ecogreen

“Bio-Mix-Shredders” from ZAGO’s Green Division are an example of such a multitask equipment. From the beginning the machines were developed to realize two functions simultaneously, which are shredding and mixing. These slow rotation auger mix-shredder are designed to process all kind of dry, solid, fibrous, wet and muddy organic feedstock in a single operation.
Customization options turn these machines into a MULTITASK-Equipment for collection, transportation, loading, unloading, processing and more.

Customization adapt to specific tasks

A large number of optional equipment is available to adapt to specific tasks. Customizations  with self-loading equipment like cranes, rear loader, and bin lifter, discharge conveyors, and more are possible.
To meat road transport regulations a choice of axles, suspension, and brakes can be ordered, together with traffic lights and decals. Customized requirements can be developed, too.

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