TopAgro FAQ

What is the TopAgro Network?

TopAgro Network is an online presence for specialist equipment manufacturers.
The site provides the target audience with product information, application highlights, user testimonials and more.
The combination of specialist application knowledge and product details makes TopAgro Network a unique source of qualified information for customers and distribution networks.

What are the topics of the TopAgro network?

The focus of the TopAgro network is on ruminant livestock production, forage cultivation, preservation and feed processing.
Environmental solutions for converting organic waste streams into compost or renewable energy are another focus of the network.

What are the objectives of the TopAgro network?

The mission is to promote sustainable livestock production and the use of organic residues in environmentally friendly applications.
The necessary knowledge of appropriate techniques and equipment is made available to customers and distribution networks through our partners’ publications and product information in our Showcase.

Who can join the TopAgro Network?

The TopAgro Network brings together specialised equipment manufacturers with complementary product ranges to provide complete solutions for livestock and environmental projects.
Membership invitations will only be sent to a selection of manufacturers in order to have a complete product portfolio for the network themes.

How can TopAgro improve your marketing?

The synergy of related equipment offerings increases marketing impact and leads to improved sales enquiries.
The combined expertise of network members provides the knowledge to integrate equipment into new or existing applications, resulting in more leads.

What is the TopAgro Showcase?

The TopAgro Showcase consists of an online presentation of a number of products with images, descriptions and technical information. Price information can be added.
Each publication is combined with a contact form for product related enquiries.

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