KRAUSE Komposttechnik

KRAUSE Komposttechnik
Tractor mounted Compost Turner KFS-Series

KRAUSE Komposttechnik KFS

KFS Series, the professional approach to composting

3-Point hitch mounted compost windrow turner

The KFS-Series is attached to the tractor’s 3-Point hitch. This direct mounting is the key to outstanding maneuverability in limited space and guarantees short setup times. For transport, the channel hydraulically lifted up.

The compact design is ideal for compost plants with
with limited space, composting newcommers or for small budgets!

KRAUSE Komposttechnik KFS

Standard advantages at a glance:

Extremely robust and durable construction
Oversized angular gearbox
Hydraulic tailgate
Splash guard made of fabric-reinforced rubber
Height-adjustable outer support wheel
KRAUSE turning rotor with Ø 720 or 850 mm
Tools made of special steel
Low power input
2.5 or 3.0 meter windrow width

KRAUSE Komposttechnik KFS-Serie

KRAUSE Komposttechnik Rotor

KRAUSE Turning Rotor

The heart of all KRAUSE compost turners is the rotor. The outer windings are designed to incorporate the edges of the compost pile, causing the surface material to slide down and to be transported to the core. The following tools mix and convey the material to the center. Here, the central shovel-like tools turn the compost. This continuous conveying, mixing and turning process ensures that the compost passes through all temperature zones of the pile. The result is a well-mixed and pathogen-free final compost. The rotor tools with paw-like, replaceable tips ensure efficient reshredding of clumps and branches.

KRAUSE Komposttechnk Turning Rotor

KRAUSE Komposttechnk-kfs

KRAUSE standard Safety Devices

The hydraulic tailgate limits the material to be thrown backwards at the beginning of the turning process. That is for safety reasons but has also the advantage to limit the advance of the compost heap itself, reducing the needed ground space and its costs.
The fabric reinforced rubber skirts in front and rear of the channel protect the operator, tractor and surroundings from projected particles.
Safety guards are standard on all P.T.O. and Cardan shafts.

KRAUSE Komposttechnik KFS-Serie

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