ZAGO Unifeed Duo Mix

ZAGO Unifeed – “Duo Mix” System
Horizontal 2 Auger TMR mixing system

ZAGO Unifeed Duo Mix

Horizontal TMR mixing systems have a long tradition in ZAGO’s developments. The “DUO MIX” system is based on two opposite and counter-rotating augers with a central counter-knife bar. The front and rear screw flights transport the ingredients to the center of the mixer hopper where the streams converge, are mixed and pushed upwards. The mixture is put into a continuous flow, to the ends of the mixing hopper, repeating the mixing cycle.

The DUO MIX system guarantees efficient cutting and mixing for a homogeneous Total Mixed Ration (TMR).

The horizontal “Duo Mix” Chopping and mixing system stands for:

ZAGO Unifeed DuoMix

Best Total Mixed Ration (TMR) processing

Combined cutting and mixing

Precise cutting of fiborous ingredients

Ideal for fresh, baled or ensiled forages

Flexible addition of dry and moist additives

Homogenous TMR (Total Mixed Ration)

ZAGO Unifeed “Duo Mix”

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