ZAGO Green
ZAGO Green

The ZAGO Green Division has developed an innovative solution for the treatment of all biodegradable residues from wooden materials over park and garden waste to manure and sludges.
ZAGO’s Bio Mix Shredders combine volume reduction, defibration and mixing of all ingredients in a single process step.
The Bio-Mix-Shredders in different hopper sizes and equipped with horizontal slow rotation (<30 RPM) auger systems are designed for a simultaneous mixing and shredding action of all inputs.
Different systems are available, according to specific needs and residues.

“DUO MIX” – horizontal 2 auger slow rotation system


The “DUO MIX” system is based on two slow rotation, counter-rotating augers with a central counter-knife bar. The front and rear auger windings work in opposite directions and transport the ingredients to the center of the mixer hopper where the streams converge, are mixed, and pushed upwards. The mixture is put into a continuous flow, to the ends of the mixing hopper, repeating the mixing cycle. The DUO MIX system guarantees efficient shredding and mixing for a homogeneous Mixture.
Available in EKO SABRE Equipment!

Patented “Free Flow Mix®” technology-2+2 slow rotating, horizontal augers

ECOGREEN Free Flow Mix

The proven and patented “Free Flow Mix®” technology combines low speed grinding with simultaneous mixing through 2+2 robust horizontal rotors.
The perfect synergy between the lower shredding-mixing augers and the upper mixing augers provides the materials with a double dynamic horizontal and vertical flow, reducing processing times and eliminating stagnation points. The result is a homogeneous grinding and mixing of the organic fractions, ideal for composting or biogas substrates.

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