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ZAGO Unifeed

The ZAGO Unifeed Division offers a wide range of horizontal and vertical, trailed, stationary and self-propelled Shredder-Mixers, suitable for dairy and beef cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat farms, among others.

ZAGO Unifeed

The UNIFEED DIVISION assists farmers with modern TMR (Total Mixed Ration) techniques and in the selection of the right equipment to increase overall efficiency in terms of milk and meat productivity.
With the Straw Blower range farmers ensure animal welfare and best quality of production .

Product Range:

ZAGO King Lion Avant

with patented 4 auger “FREE FLOW MIX®”system

The self-propelled King Lion Avant is equipped with patented Free-Flow Mix technology is a latest generation machine that directly addresses growers’ needs with a perfect combination of compactness, driveability and performance.

The exclusive and patented horizontal “FREE FLOW MIX®” mixing system that combines simplicity, speed and uniform feed rations.

ZAGO Unifeed King Lion Avant Series

ZAGO Unifeed Wolf

ZAGO AVM Wolf Avant

with TORNADO vertical mixing technology

Equipped with TORNADO vertical mixing technology with one or two augers, AVM WOLF AVANT is specially designed to achieve high productivity: it is a compact, agile, practical and extremely maneuverable self-propelled machine thanks to its small turning radius that allows easy maneuvering even in the narrowest passages.

ZAGO Unifeed AVM Wolf Avant Series

ZAGO Unifeed King Series

ZAGO King-Horizontal TMR mixer

with patented 4 auger “FREE FLOW MIX®”system

King Series is equipped with the exclusive “FREE FLOW MIX®” an innovative and patented mixing system that combines simplicity, speed and ration homogeneity.

The FREE FLOW MIX® system, characterized by the exclusive action of the 2 + 2 augers, ensures maximum uniformity of the feed ration and significantly reduces processing time and power consumption.

ZAGO Unifeed King Series

ZAGO Unifeed Sabre

ZAGO Sabre-Horizontal TMR mixer

with reliable “Duo Mix” 2 auger mixing system

The SABRE series 2 auger DUO MIX system facilitates perfect chopping of whole cylindrical bales, forage, straw and wrapped bales of wet products and any other type of ingredient required for ration preparation, providing unmatched cutting capacity and efficiency and an above-average homogeneity of mixing.

ZAGO Unifeed Sabre Series


ZAGO AVM-Vertical TMR mixer

with “Tornado” vertical mixing system

AVM (Antares Vertical Mixer) employs the exclusive “TORNADO” auger, equipped with specially profiled knives and driven by robust gearboxes, ensures the cutting of whole bales of straw, hay and forage and uniform mixing with any other ingredients.

ZAGO Unifeed AVM Series

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