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Total Mixed Ration-Feed Mixer loading options

When it comes to select a TMR Mixer it’s good to know about the different alternatives which are available in the market. Here you will find a short overview on typical equipment type.
Horizontal or vertical TMR mixing equipment are described in our previous post: ….
Type and condition of the feedstock and the purpose of animal husbandry define the type of the mixing system (horizontal or vertical auger type or reel mixer), the volume of the TMR Feed Mixer is relative to the number of animals.
But there are much more considerations to pay attention to, like mobility, drive options and the equipment needed to load the mixer.


Commonly loading equipment is available on any farm in form of tractor front loader, wheel loader, telescopic loader, etc.. These loaders can be equipped with special forks, grapples, or silage cutter to handle the TMR feedstock.
For TMR horizontal or vertical mixer any of this equipment can be used, always considering the needed loading height and availability on the farm.

ZAGO Unifeed King200NT

Choosing the right equipment and optional devices can reduce significantly the investment, improve the daily operation time and reduce man work.
Different loading options should be considered, when the availibilty of loading equipment is limited.

Mixer Mounted Loading Equipment

Commonly there are mounted special loading shovel, rear loaders or cranes available, these may vary by brand, type, model or other optional equipment.

Self-loading TMR Mixer

A Self-Loading TMR Mixer is equipped with silage cutting device and loads the feedstock into the mixer chamber.
Farm logistics, travel distances and road surface conditions influence in the choice of a trailed or self-propelled TMR Mixer.

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