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KRAUSE Komposttechnik WR Series-Vertical rotor PTO driven compost turner


KRAUSE Komposttechnik WR Series-Vertical rotor PTO driven compost turner

KRAUSE WR series compost turner for windrows up to 3.0 m and any shape

The KRAUSE WR series are PTO-driven compost turners with three-point linkage and vertically inclined rotor arrangement. The inclination of the rotor and the design of the rotor tools make it possible to grind the side surface of the compost windrow and to break up larger residues at the same time. With the KRAUSE WR windrows of any shape and up to a height of 3.0 m can be turned and restacked.

Trapezoidal compost heaps with variable dimensions in length and height adapt to limited site dimensions by optimising space utilisation and reducing infrastructure costs.
The reduced surface area of trapezoidal heaps compared to triangular heaps of the same volume ensures a stable composting process. The negative effects of climatic conditions such as heavy rain, wind or dry periods are minimised, reducing infrastructure and operating costs.

WR series advantages:

  • Low-maintenance and easy to operate machine
  • 3 Point, rear mounted compost turner allow a clear view in the direction of travel
  • Quick and easy replacement of rotor tools
  • Excellent mixing and improved oxygen enrichment during the turning process
  • Rotor tools are designed for secondary shredding of larger residues
  • Shorter composting times and higher compost quality
  • Reduced infrastructure and space requirements

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PTO (Power Take-Off)
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3-point (rear)
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