Biogas Production

Biogas as a renewable energy source can be used to generate electricity, heat or cold, as a fuel and as a substitute for natural gas.
Besides energy, nutrient-rich fermentation by-products are produced which are a valuable fertilizer.

Topics in Biogas Production

  • What is Biogas?
  • Biogas Technology
    • Fermenter Types
    • Fermenter Components
    • Substrate
  • Substrate Technology
    • Preparation and Mixing
    • Substrate Dosing and Pumping
  • Inputs to Biogas Fermenter
    • Substrates:
      • Energy crops,
      • Manure,
      • Organic waste
      • Other
  • Outputs from Biogas Fermenter
    • Gases
    • Fermentation residue
      • Liquid fertilizer
      • Solid fertilizer
  • Fermentation Residue
    • Liquid residue
    • Solid residue
    • Residue treatment

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