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KRAUSE AFH 2500 Professional towed compost turner


KRAUSE AFH 2500 Professional towed compost turner

PTO driven, trailed compost turner

KRAUSE Komposttechnik model AFH 2500 is a professional compost turner towed and driven by an agricultural tractor.

The AFH series is ruggedly built with heavy-duty transmission and hydraulic components.
The tunnel and rotor assembly is lifted by a hydraulic cylinder in transport position.
The KRAUSE rotor Ø 720 mm is equipped with interchangeable anti-wear steel tools. The arrangement of the tools allows an integration of the edges of the pile ensuring a perfect mixing and oxygenation of the organic material to speed up the process and obtain a quality compost.
The single-axle chassis is equipped with height adjustable drawbar, parking brake, wheels and tires according to the weight of the equipment and its possible options. Rotor height adjustment is hydraulic on the chassis side, manual on the support wheel at the outer end of the tunnel. Counterweight box is included. The chassis is optionally extendable to mount irrigation/inoculation tanks.
Thick rubber skirts protect the operating environment against rotor thrown materials. A hydraulic tailgate serves to channel the material at the start of turning, this prevents material being thrown backwards and thus reduces the space required for advancing the compost piles.

Standard equipment:

Heavy duty tractor towed compost turner.
Single axle chassis
Heavy-duty agricultural drive shafts
Oversized angular transmissions
KRAUSE rotor Ø 720 mm
Tailgate to channel the material at the beginning of the turning process
Thick rubber skirts for safety against thrown material



Single hydraulic control, requires an outlet and return on the tractor.
KRAUSE rotor Ø 850 mm
1000 liter tank, with pump, tubing and spray nozzles
Irrigation reel mounted, with hose, tubing and spray nozzles
External 'C' type reel connection, tubing and spray nozzles
Compost fleece roller system
Hydraulically driven outer support wheel

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PTO (Power Take-Off)
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Lower drawbar, Trailer Coupling (upper)
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