Grassland Management for Beef & Dairy farms. In view of rising feed costs, increasing land shortages and limited resources, efficient feed management is becoming increasingly important. For a cattle or dairy farm, it is crucial how much high-quality feed will be available. In practice, there are still considerable hidden reserves in feed management. Read More →

Hay & Forage

The production of quality Hay and Forage is essential for agricultural development. Preparation and maintenance of grasslands, selection, and cultivation of varieties of grasses and legumes are part of successful livestock farming.Read More →

Livestock Fodder

Livestock-Nutrition The correct mixture of feed for livestock is essential for animal health and the economy of the farm.Pasture, hay and forage, balanced feed, functional supplements, minerals, and molasses are part of animal nutrition and must be provided according to the purpose of the livestock, the sex and breed ofRead More →