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ZAGO King 90 NT Trailed, horizontal auger TMR mixer


ZAGO King 90 NT Trailed, horizontal auger TMR mixer

ZAGO Unifeed KING 90 NT trailed, horizontal TMR mixer

The ZAGO Unifeed KING series consists of a range of towed horizontal TMR (Total Mixed Ration) mixers.  The mixer/shredders feature ZAGO’s patented 2+2 horizontal FREE FLOW MIX® auger system. King’s advanced technology can cut and mix whole round and rectangular bales of hay, forage, straw, wet products and any other type of ingredient needed to prepare the ration, even with partial loads. The result is a perfectly homogeneous mix in half the time with 40% less energy absorption than traditional systems. Standard equipment:

Trailed horizontal mixer. 2+2 auger horizontal mixing system, Free Flow Mix®. Auger synchronization with reinforced chains and sacrificial bolt 9.0 m3 chamber Frame with fixed single axle Drawbar with manual support ZAGO Electronic weighing instrument with 3 load cells Externally adjustable counter-blade system PTO-driven planetary gearbox Hydraulic connection with (2) hoses to tractor system Direct discharge to the right, Hydraulically operated discharge gate

Available options:

ZAGO Weighing System ADVANCE Agricultural Cardan/Agricultural Wide Angle Cardan Reverse rotation of augers Independent hydraulics Hydraulic Controls Flexible cable controls Electric Controls WL-Rear hydraulic loader

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