ZAGO Unifeed TMR

ZAGO patented “Free Flow Mix®” system

At the end of the nineties, in order to meet the demands of modern feed science, ZAGO launched on the market an INNOVATIVE AND PATENTED grinding-mixing system that combined simplicity, speed and quality in feed mixing.

The FREE FLOW MIX® system, characterized by the exclusive action of the 2 + 2 augers, ensures a continuous movement of the ingredients inside the mixing tank. This reduce significantly the processing time, and eliminates any compression spots in the mixture.
The perfect synergy of the lower mixing and cutting augers with the upper mixing augers ensures maximum uniformity of the feed ration.

The FREE FLOW MIX® shredding and mixing system guarantees:

ZAGO Unifeed

Properties of a Total Mixed Ration (TMR):

  • Ingredient from fresh, baled or ensiled forages
  • Clean cut and without defibration
  • Variable length according to the farmer’s needs
  • Homogeneous and precise mixing of all ingredients
  • Elimination of compressión spots in the TMR

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