BiduxX©-Double-knife mowing technology
for cost-effective and ecological mowing


The BiduxX© dual blade system consists of oscillating upper and lower blade bars that create a scissor-like cut. The unique concept of reciprocating motion ensures vibration-free operation, no clogging and high mowing speed.
The exceptionally low power requirements and light weight of the blade bars allow for a high width of cut in many applications.

Patented ESM Carbodux® knife sections ensure a long service life and high area performance.
This professional mowing system is suitable for forage harvesting and special applications in a wide range of harvesting techniques and other special uses.

Advantages of the BIDUX – Double-blade mowing technology


Low energy consumption of 2-2.5 kW per meter of working width
High mowing speed and broad cutting width
Long service life with patented ESM Carbodux® knife sections


Uniform and wide forage placement, improves drying performance
Strong protection of meadow fauna (no fast rotating blades)
Low ground impact due to low equipment weight of the mowing units and smaller carrier vehicles
Ecological recognition of the mowing technology

Technically perfect

No stone throwing, as the knives work oscillating and not rotating.
Clean forage, as no impurities such as soil or the like are distributed.
Suitable for harvesting techniques and many special applications

2019 Innovation Award Silber @AGRITECHNICA
for Ennepetaler Schneid- und Mähtechnik und ESM system BiduxX©

ESM system BiduxX©