KRAUSE Komposttechnik

Turned windrow composting has several advantages over aerated static composting. The increased oxygen supply, improved temperature control, faster decomposition, flexibility in scale, cost effectiveness, increased nutrient retention and reduced risk of odour problems make turned windrow composting a favourable choice for organic waste management.Read More →


Compost Production Composting is the decomposition of organic matter by biological agents. The product of this process is called compost.A compost contains nutrients such as phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen. In general, compost application is an excellent soil improvement method and allows for sustainable soil management. Compost application promotes the developmentRead More →


Biogas as a renewable energy source can be used to generate electricity, heat or cold, as a fuel and as a substitute for natural gas.
Besides energy, nutrient-rich fermentation by-products are produced which are a valuable fertilizer.Read More →