KRAUSE Komposttechnik

KRAUSE Komposttechnik

Environmental technology at its best

Part of ZAGO Green Division
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KRAUSE-Environmental technology at its best

KRAUSE Komposttechnik is a part of the ZAGO Green Division. KRAUSE Komposttechnik is a brand specialized in the development and production of tractor trailed and self-propelled compost turners and offers a complete range of slow and fast running mobile shredders.

The KRAUSE range complements the environmental solutions already proposed by ZAGO’s Green Division.

The ZAGO/KRAUSE product range covers all key stages of waste processing:

Shredding/mixing and
Biological treatment.

By combining KRAUSE products with equipment from the other leadings brands, KRAUSE can provide complete solutions to overcome the most complex challenges.

KRAUSE Komposttechnik-Product Range

KRAUSE Compost Windrow Turners

The KRAUSE compostturners with different technologies and models have solutions for every type of plant.

KRAUSE Komposttechnik V-Series Self-Propelled Compost Turners

The KRAUSE V-series are self-propelled compost turners with a unique design.

Rear wheel drive system with tractor tires provides best traction and operator comfort

Belt and pulley rotor drive system stand for mechanical efficiency and best fuel economy

Standard Rear hood, hydraulic track clearer for ease of operation

Options of irrigation and inoculation equipment, scraper device, fleece winder and more

Krause Kompsttechnik-V-Series

KRAUSE Komposttechnik Tractor P.T.O.-Drive Compost Turners

KRAUSE Komposttechnik Trac Turner

The KRAUSE – P.T.O.-Drive tractor driven compost turners are available with horizontal or vertical rotor arrangement, 3-Point hitch or trailer chassis.

AFH and TAF series trailed turners for 2.5-3.3 meters windrows

KFS and LHS 3-Point hitch versions for 2.5-3.0 meters windrows

WR Vertical rotor 3-Point hitch unit for trapezoidal windrows upto 3 meters height.

Krause Komposttechnik-PTO Drive

KRAUSE Komposttechnik-High Speed Biomass Shredder

KRAUSE Komposttechnik Dominator

The KRAUSE Dominator-Series biomass shredders feature a flail rotor and special designed rake shaped counter knive, for defined shredding results.

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