ZAGO ECOGREEN Composter 150 PD (PTO)


ZAGO ECOGREEN Composter 150 PD (PTO)

Mobile 4-Auger Bio-Mix-Shredder for branch diameters from 10-30 cm (4” – 12”)

ZAGO ECOGREEN Composter 150 PD is a slow rotation shredder/mixer for all type of organic residues and sludges.
The ECOGREEN Composter in PD version is towed and driven by the PTO (power take-off) of an agricultural tractor. With a hopper capacity of 15 m3 outputs up to 70 m3/h are possible depending on input materials. A wide variety of materials in different conditions from solid and dry to muddy can be processed .
All ZAGO ECOGREEN Composter models feature the patented "Free Flow Mix®" 2+2 auger system.
The Free Flow Mix® system is suitable for all types of organic waste, from pruning to food waste, industrial and municipal sludge, manure, paper and cardboard, wood packaging and pallets. Branches and roots can be processed up to a diameter of 20 cm and up to 30 cm in the larger models.
The trailed ZAGO ECOGREEN Composter PD range is driven by the P.T.O. of an agricultural tractor.
Trailed models of the ECOGREEN Composter DP versions are diesel engine driven.
The ECOGREEN Composter EP versions are stationary electric or diesel driven models.


Description: Trailed PTO driven bio-mix-shredder with 2+2 horizontal augers
Chassis: Adjustable drawbar with pivoting towing eye Ø50 mm, direct bolted axle, no brakes.
Hopper: Heavy duty steel hopper with double structure reinforced bottom - thickness 30 mm
Mix-Shredder: Central shredding and patented 2+2 auger mixing system "Free Flow Mix®"
Auger: Shredding and mixing augers Ø 500 mm, Hardox 400 flytes/15 mm thickness
Shredding Tools: Heavy duty star shaped knives - Ø 140 mm / thickness 10 mm, Counter knives: S.A.S-Augers Scrapers Adjustable System.
Transmission: Planetary reduction gear with augers rotation reverse function, augers drive by reinforced chains, automatic transmission chains tighteners. Chain lubrication in oil bath.
Hydraulics: Independent hydraulic system, with tank and pump
Discharge: Hydraulic operated discharge door on the left with chutes: width 750 mm
Controls: Bowden cable controls (Electric controls optional)


Standard and wide angle agricultural drive shaft
Reversing augers
Hydraulic rear loader
Central or side crane
Independent frame
Single or dual Axles with suspension
Hydraulic or Air brake systems
Chain discharge conveyor up to 5.0 meters in length
Weighing system
and more

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PTO (Power Take-Off)
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Lower drawbar, Trailer Coupling (upper)
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